It's our endeavor to partner with you in helping your teen develop
and grow in their relationship with God.
The vision behind United Youth is to train young adults
so that when they graduate High School, they will be inspired by God,
informed in the Word of God and influential in today's culture.
We understand that we are only with your teen a couple hours a week
and that you have the greater influence into their lives.
That is why we are sincere about coming alongside of you
and helping give you the tools needed to lead well!
We want you to know that you are not alone and we are here for you.

Many challenges can come with raising teenagers.
Though none of us has every answer to every question,
scenario and problem, we know the one who does and that is God.
Here are some articles and Bible-based resources to help.

Word of Life Church Parenting Podcast

Pastors Loren & Joy Hirschy produced a series of weekly podcasts where they shared Biblical truths about parenting along with stories from their own parenting journey. These podcasts were a blessing to everyone who received them when they were being sent out, and now they are all available in one place. Be encouraged and uplifted as you watch!

A four-part audio message series
by Pastor Loren Hirschy

1. Setting The Course
2. Perpetuated Prosperity
3. Ten Times Better
4. Winning Your Child's Heart

Winning While Parenting

Overcoming anxiety is something that we as parents must be intentional about. We must be purposeful in practicing how to focus on the present rather than uncertainty about the future.
The difference between a ho-hum marriage and a dream marriage during the parenting years may take less than five minutes a day. Even as a busy parent, you can manage that.
A father's impact on his daughter's life should never be underestimated. His involvement in her life affects how she sees herself, how well she does in school and beyond, and how she forms relationships with other people—especially men.
Although your kids might not admit it to you, you play a key role in their lives. That's why it's so important for us to spend as much time with our kids as we can when they're young. Establish the relationship early and it will help them—and you—later on.
Oftentimes, when our kids come to us with the crisis of the week (day), we don’t have time to formulate a biblical response if we haven’t thought about it a little bit in advance and done our homework. Yes, the Holy Spirit can and will speak through our words—but it’s also a great help when we have Scripture planted in our hearts and we’ve prayed through some of the issues they will inevitably face.
If you had to describe your father in only three words, what would you say?

Things To Watch For

Suicide is a problem in the youth and young adult population. There is hope for healing when parents and others are intentional about providing help.
When our kids are hurting, they desperately want someone, or something, to help ease the pain. They need to know they are seen and that they matter. 
When tweens and teens are experiencing psychological distress, they may cut themselves to cope with the emotional pain.
Today, more than ever it seems, teenagers are at no loss for involvement in activities. Family, school, church, friends, neighborhood sports leagues and clubs. But can anyone — even an energetic teenager — do it all?
Early detection of an eating disorder may spare a teenager years of significant misery and disruption in his or her life. Take a moment and think about your teenager’s behavior and the following signs of a possible eating disorder.
Teenagers report high stress levels. One reason for this is that our children are linking accomplishments to acceptance, and success to significance. They are attempting to answer the question “Am I enough?” through their performance:
Transgenderism is tough enough for adults to understand. So when our children encounter these gender-confusing messages, what do we say?
At one end of the spectrum, depression can become a medical illness that severely limits daily functioning, lasts for months or possibly years and requires professional intervention. At the other end of the spectrum, a teen may temporarily “feel blue” in the midst of certain events and developmental changes.
Help your teens understand the importance of rest and find it amid life's constant demands and their on-the-go schedules.

Resources to help your Teen Win at Life

From Focus On The Family
Tips to help your teen navigate the hiring process and to work as a stellar employee.
By Anthony Oneal
The Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox walks teens through eight easy, practical steps for starting their own business using Dave Ramsey and Anthony Oneal’s entrepreneurial plan.
By Anthony Oneal
The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Kid Through College Without Student Loans.
By Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze
Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money
By Ramsey Solutions
We know preparing your child to enter the real world is an intimidating task. Taxes, insurance, credit, debt—how are you supposed to teach kids about these complicated and confusing topics when most people barely understand them themselves?