"Growing Together In Christ"

Community Groups exist at Word of Life Church to facilitate the growth of relationships,
individuals' spiritual growth, and the growth of Word of Life Church as a whole.

Gene Richter's Group

Meets Thursday Evenings
in Dubuque, IA.  Mixed Group of adults 60 and up.

Greg Parker's Group

Meets Monday Evenings in Dubuque, IA.  Mixed group of adults 50 and up

Colten Vandermeulen's  Group

Meets Tuesday Evenings
in Dubuque, IA.  Mixed groups of adults in their 20's.

Pastor Mike Lopez's Group

Meets Tuesday Evenings in Platteville, WI.  Mixed Group of adults 30’s and up.

Sheila Wuertzer's Group

Meets Wednesday  Evenings in Dubuque, IA.  Women’s group, ages 40’s and up.

Randy Wuertzer's  Group

Meets Saturday Mornings
in Dubuque, IA.  Men’s Group, all ages.