Life Track

Believe.   Belong.   Become.   Build.

Thank you for taking the next step in your faith journey with us by participating in Life Track!
 Please print out the participant guides prior to beginning each lesson.
A link to verify the completion of each lesson will be made available at the end of each video.

Session One: Believe

In this lesson you will gain knowledge and understanding of the basics of salvation and life in Christ. Please note, if you participated in this lesson in-person you may advance to session two.

Session Two: Belong

In this lesson you will discover that you belong in a plan much larger than any one of us. Each of us is a part of Jesus’ Church and the mission and vision of Word of Life Church. Together we are changing the world.

Session Three: Become

In this lesson you will learn about the purpose that God has designed you for, and that we are all called to serve God
as well as one-another.

Session Four: Build

In this lesson you will learn what it means to embrace the opportunity, and responsibility, to use your God-given gifts to advance and build His Kingdom.